What is LUW?


Have you ever named your shoes? Or have you ever assigned them a task to assist you during a gorgeous event you have participated? Hopefully you didn’t forget to thank your shoes at the end of night...

If we consider it has been more than five centuries since a pair of shoe represented aesthetics and grace at first, and not only by women but even it was prefered by men as an item of authority, it gets much more exciting for me to think, imagine and research the mystic power behind them. By 19th century shoes become an indispensable part of modern fashion sense and it symbolizes independent and powerful women in pop-culture, but what realy makes a high heel that special?

I am an artist, but before anything else I am a woman. I was created to be unique at all, like all other women. Anything make me feel special can make me happy. When I was unable to resolve the mystery of its power and got lost in fairy world of high heels, I decided to enrich its value instead of finding an answer, and wanted to individualy glamorize it by reflected phenomenon and touches of an artists inner world. LUW is a way of expression to be one and particular which is derived from the unbounded imaginary garden of fashion and art.