The Walking Art

Art means unity and consciousness, that is why we have to spread art to everyone on this planet. Thus we determined top issues of the World and have a spirited faith of art can help us to overcome all of them. Start up from day-one is always difficult but it is better than doing nothing. So we set some goals and each of our artworks exhibited are going to serve to attain the master goal, transforming the World into a better place. We are and will be in collaboration with many international nonprofit organization to be in solidarity. Whenever we raise targeted fund level then we transfer it to related organization and set our next level of fundraising goal. All Serap Öney signed artworks in this page are dedicated to assist The Walking Art Movement. You do not have to pay any additional cost to donate because fundraise shares are already included to listing prices, it is not optional.

You can learn more about our project by visiting the official page SERAPONEY.COM/thewalkingart and join our journey to follow our progress perspicuously on success rates. Please remember, we can only achieve this in unity.

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